Sydney Bond 2023

Sydney Bond 2023 Lincolnshire.  
By Charlotte Attwood  – Junior Team Manager
Notts Barebow Team 1st
Notts Recurve Team 2nd
Windy day at Washingborogh.
Barebow Zavier Halili won the day shooting 780 for a Bristol 4 and attaining his Blue Rose award.
The Recurves all shot well with 3 attaining a Rose Award but Northants had the better scores.
Jaya Richardson  Wilford Bowmen.     1016
Ibrahim Khan.       Burton Joyce.           972
Laura Eyres.         Beeston Rylands.      951
Xander Bunney.    Sherwood Archers.  913. Rose Award
Esme Stocker.      Wilford Bowmen.      907. Rose Award
Ion Schluppeck.   Wilford Bowmen.      890. Rose Award
Jazz Haoot.          Wilford Bowmen.      744
This year we had four new members of the team. Xander, Ibrahim, Esme and Ion they all shot very well for their first time in the County Team.
The top 3 scores are taken for the awards, our team score was 2939 and Northants score was 3286.
Hopefully the recurves will be back into their winning ways next year.

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