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Nottinghamshire Archery Society

Claiming Records

The onus is on the Archer to notify the Notts Records Officer of any claims they wish to make.
A listing of all records is held on the Notts website:
If in doubt,  claim it.

All claims must reach the Notts Records Officer within 2 months of being shot.
Rounds marked TOUR must be shot at a Tournament.
Claims must include a picture of official results sheet (just 1 page) or the score sheet.
Rounds marked Club can be shot at any club target day where AGB rules of shooting are observed.

At a club target day the round must have been scored and signed by another archer, senior or junior, shooting the round with the claimant and also signed by the claimant. The claim must include the original score sheet or a photo and signed by a club officer as follows:-
**“shot on a club target day under GNAS rules of shooting and entered in the club records book”**

The Frostbite (3doz @ 30m shot at a club) is not eligible for record purposes.

Barebow records – bows must comply with  AGB/WA Field barebow rules:
(i.e. no sight block, no clicker, no stabilisers)

Junior Rounds
All junior rounds are in age groups.
Juniors can claim higher age group rounds but not lower age group rounds, please check age group rounds before claiming.
For instance a 17yr old boy cannot claim an U16 distance record but a 12yr old boy can claim an U18 record at an U18 distance. Juniors can also claim for adult rounds.

Junior Longbow is in U18 only, ie one age group for all.

Please complete all sections of the claim form, especially DOB for juniors.

Email your claim attach the claim form and for tournaments a picture of the official score sheet or the relevant page from the official results sheet (not both);  for a club target day a picture of the score sheet. Please ensure the score sheet is endorsed by a club official as given above **, this can be put in the bottom margin on the front of the score sheet.

The web site records will be updated regularly. If you have any queries or find any errors please use email below.

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Please click below to download the claim form

Updated 24th Nov 2022