Firstly, sorry for missing the January issue, very remiss of me.

There are many rule changes that have come into effect this year from World Archery and AGB, so it would be advisable to familiarise yourselves on these before heading out to the tournament circuit. There are also more to follow in October.

World Archery

  • Equipment failures.
  • 3 Meter line issues.
  • Name changes with regards to Juniors, Cadet and Masters.
  • Para-archers changes, (stools and wheelchair assistive devices etc).

Archery GB

  • Asiatic bow style.
  • Scoring regarding bouncers.
  • Round name changes.
  • Crossbow Target rounds.

Congratulations to all the Notts online frostbite league winners over the winter, the intention is to run it again this winter with some changes to the result reporting. I would like to encourage more people to take part so I can see different names on the results.

I would recommend that the Notts county tournaments are entered promptly this year, archers are eager to get out shooting as I saw at Kettering at last weekends Double clout shoot, they had upto 24 archers on each Target clout.

At the NAS committee meeting 11th April 2022, a vote was taken to allow the AGB crossbow style into the 3 Notts County league shoot, this also includes the Oregon challenge with the USA. Firstly, I would like to thank everyone at the meeting, (there were quite a few more than normal), for the civility shown, I know it is a very emotive subject. This bow style will be shooting on there own bosses as they have a different size face for the American round. I must point out that AGB are driving for more inclusivity throughout the sport of archery, and it is a sport, a friendly one at that.

On the 30th of April, Newark Castle Archers are organising a run archery event, (yes you read that correctly) in conjunction with AGB, myself and Mario will be there judging the archery part of the even. So, if you like running and shooting, why not try it, you can enter on sport 80. For those that have entered, it is a trial event, but I would recommend a swat on the bow rules before attending.

A pop-up field shoot was organised by Mario in a small, wooded area near Southwell last Sunday with about 25 people in attendance. I think everyone enjoyed themselves and some could not hang up their competitive side. Even us judges had a great day, the weather was sunny and warm for a change. Twice around 12 targets. Half paper faces the other half 3D animals. I could hear the laughter around the course with the occasional, “You shot him in the ????”. I am looking forward to the next one, time and equipment permitting.

Bernie Dicks

County Chairman

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