National inter county team event report

Last weekend saw Notts teams compete in the National Inter County Team event at Lilleshall, in almost ideal conditions on Saturday and very, very windy conditions on Sunday, which led to the competition being abandoned mid-afternoon.

The teams were:

  • Notts compound 1: Thomas Lane, Sam Cartwright, Shai Qureshi
  • Notts compound 2: Kah Chung Chan, Nigel Lane, Liam Wright
  • Notts recurve: Will Oakes, Pete Lillie, Dominic Kelsey
  • Notts barebows: Steve Mitchell, Ahmed Eldin Galal, Mark Findley
  • Mixed compound team: Kelly Lane
  • Mixed recurve team: Karen Dixon

In the 3-person single gender team event on Saturday there were some very close matches, several of which went to shoot offs, with the standout result being the mens compound team 1 being beaten into silver medal position by just one point.

The mens compound team 2 were 6th, the mens recurve team were 9th and the mens barebow team were 5th.

The mixed team event on Sunday was divided into tiers, where in tier 1 we had Kelly and Thomas (compound) and Karen and Will (recurve). In tier 2 we had Pete and Dominic (recurve), Shai and Sam, and Nigel and Liam (compound) and Steve and Ahmed (barebow), plus Kah Chung Chan (compound) and Mark Findley (barebow) in their own team shooting twice as many arrows.

When the shoot was abandoned due to safety concerns over the high winds Karen and Will, Steve and Ahmed and Nigel and Liam were undefeated.

It was Shai’s birthday on Saturday, which was announced over the speakers. Someone (not the author) may have mislead the announcer regarding Shai’s age, which lead to much entertainment during the day and evening.

The team worked well together and supported each other, building on the the practice session that was held at the end of August at Burton Joyce Archers.

Full results at

A selection of photos at

There were many impressive team performances, but as Notts were unable to field teams of three ladies we were well down in the overall results for each bowstyle. Next year we need more lady archers…

Our new shirts stood out well amongst the varied selection of shirts from other counties. Thank you to our shirt sponsor Harvi’s homemade foods.

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