EMAS Inter Counties Clout

The EMAS Inter-Counties Clout is a closed Inter-Counties Team event held each year in March.  It is a double metric clout round.

The tournament was first shot in 2011 with 4 counties shooting.  In 2012, all 5 counties of EMAS were shooting, with Compound being shot for the first time.

4th - 2014Northamptonshire (Kettering)FifthFourthThirdSecondRESULTS
3rd - 2013Northamptonshire (Kettering)FourthFifthThirdFourthRESULTS
2nd - 2012Northamptonshire (Kettering)FifthThirdThirdThird
1st - 2011Northamptonshire (Kettering)FourthFourthThirdN/A