Wilford Bowmen (Wilford Wanderers) York round to be hosted at Sherwood Archers

Wilford Bowmen’s Record Status York round on 20th May will be hosted by Wilford Bowmen but will be shot at Sherwood Archers Ground in Southwell.

 This is due to the new TRAM line works effecting the ground at Wilford.  Wilford Archers would like to thank Sherwood Archers for their kind help and assistance in providing them with a venue to hold the shoot.

Bekky Lowe Gains her Junior Master Bowman

Bekky Lowe gains her Junior Master Bowmen with her Barebow.

Bekky has been shooting barebow since September 2004 when she started to shoot with the help of both Chris Mason and the now Finance Director for Archery GB Eric Jackson at WOAC in Northamptonshire.   Continue reading