Well, the New Year is upon us already, I hope everybody received what they wanted from Santa for Christmas and not too much money was spent at the sales. Waste of money if you ask me as there are plenty of tournaments to be entered for the next outdoor season.

After reading the new Archery GB magazine, it is interesting to see World Archery (WA) are going to recognise Bearbow in its own discipline within target archery as it is in field archery. This means lots of world records up for grabs, so come on you Notts Bearbow archers. I would like to hear any ideas on how our County can bring more Bearbow archers out of the woodwork and into tournaments. Especially as World Archery (WA) are talking about introducing a 72 arrow & H2H round at 50m on a 122Cm face. Come on Bearbows, drag some friends along. Let’s increase the numbers.

I was unaware of the British Bearbow WA18m Indoor Championships tournament that takes place in different venues around the country, this year 245 entrants took part. Next year 29th November another 2 venues are to be added. It would be good to see some of Nottinghamshire’s archers taking part. The more exposure this classification gets the more new archers may take up the challenge.

Sorry longbow looks like you maybe stuck at 70 meters for a while yet. It will be interesting to see how AGB handle the changes.

I also heard through the grapevine that compound may be going to 60 meters but only rumour at the moment.

There is an interesting article in the Archery GB magazine regarding the history of the Nottingham / Oregon Challenge trophy which takes place every year over two weekends. The first leg at Greasley Castle Archers, the second at Sherwood Archers. This tournament has been running for many years, sorry to say that Nottingham have not won for a long time. There is also a third leg at Wilford Bowmen (not part of the Notts / Oregon challenge), these tournaments are call the Notts League shoots and are specifically run for all level of archers, it is run on pure score and handicaps are awarded.

The Nottingham Indoor Championships are coming up in February, a very popular shoot, so get your entries in ASAP as it fills fast.

Sharon and I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and success in everything you undertake, see you all on the shoot line.


Bernie Dicks


Christmas Period Shooting

Quite a lot of clubs do not have any shooting availability over the christmas break due to the leisure centres closing, but Greasley Castle archers are open every Saturday 1400hrs to 1700hrs. Greasley sports and community centre. NG16 3QN.

£4 for visitors.


I understand my predecessors used to write a short article which is basically the thoughts and ramblings of the chairman, I would like to restart this extinct tradition monthly but I can’t guarantee what will come out, so here goes. Continue reading

 Introduction letter from the Chairman – Bernie Dicks

Having attended the county AGM Monday 18th November, I found myself voted in as the new Chairman of Nottinghamshire archery society, so; I would like to introduce myself.

I am Bernard Dicks (Bernie) of Greasley Castle Archers, many of you already know me from tournament shooting in the county but only a few know my history in Archery. Continue reading

2020 Winter Coaching Sessions

This years winter coaching sessions will be available to all senior archers who have completed their first year of shooting and wish to improve their skills. The coaching will consist of 5 sessions held at the Joseph Whitaker Sports Hall, Warsop Lane, Rainworth, Notts NG21 0AG. The sessions will run from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. The dates for the sessions are as follows:

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