Notts League shoot at Wilford Bowmen ~ Provisional Target List v2

Notts League – 3rd leg – Wilford Bowmen, Nottingham Hockey Centre, University Boulevard, Nottingham, NG7 2PSSighters 10.30No dogs on the field, please. Unfortunately the clubhouse will only be open from 4pm.Archers wishing to shoot all carbon arrows should inform the judges before the start of the shoot. All arrows must be counted in and counted out. It is the archer’s responsibility to ensure that all lost arrows are found before leaving the venue.

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The 2 and 3 Shoots

Last year Belvoir Archers introduced the 2 and 3 shoot to encourage archers to go out and shoot tournaments.  Well, it is back again this year, but this time, Bramcote Archery Club and Beeston Rylands Archers are also going to run a 2 and 3 shoot to encourage everyone.

To be able to shoot in the 2 and 3 shoot, you must be a 2nd or 3rd class archers.
Each bow class and gender will be competing against archers of their own class. so  3rd class gents recurve shoot against 3rd class gents recurve, 2nd class ladies longbow shoot against 2nd class ladies long bow …..

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