Nottinghamshire triumph at the challenge match against Leicestershire & Rutland County Archery Association

Sunday saw the county team in action against Leicesterhire & Rutland County Archery Association team at a very blustery Welbeck Archers.

The shoot had to be cancelled after 8 1/2 dozen by the judge as the wind was getting too strong and a load of scopes were falling over and arrows coming off the rests.

The scores at 8 1/2 dozen stood, with Nottinghamshire winning the challenge for the first time since 2010. Continue reading

Stolen in the Newark Area

Two risers both win&win 1st TFT matt black 2nd CXT grey Two sets of limbs win&win prime 38# medium WNS 34# medium Two Shibuya Ultimate Carbon sights Two Beiter plungers One Block the other Silver Win&Win Wiawis S21 Long rod and side rods plus v- bar 10 ACE 670 28”long Win&Win Quiver Black & silver Plus all sorts of bits and bobs fingers tabs All in a Legend Atom case Continue reading

Dave Jones

Sadly has passed away.  He was a member of the Civil Service Archers, shot longbow and represened the county on many occasions.  Although not an archer for a long time now, some, especially longbow archers, may remember him.  His funeral is at Wilford Hill on Thursday 23rd May at 1130 hours.

Mike Thomason,

Secretary, Nottinghamshire Archery Society.

April (May) Committee Meeting

Due to unforseen circumstances, the April meeting had to be postponed as Ye Olde Inn at Oxton had started renovations and did not inform Mike Thomason,

The meeting has now been rescheduled for Monday 13th MAY in the  SHERWOOD ARCHERS club house at 8pm

Until further notice, all meetings  will be held at Sherwood Archers