2017 EMAS Senior Team Selection

Below is a list of shoots whose scores will be used for the EMAS Senior Team selection as decided at the County Chairmans meeting in 2015.  The WMAS Challenge shoot will hopefully be held in our region this year. Continue reading

Amy Curnock has been appointed as the county’s Development Coordinator

In May 2016, the World Archery European Championship’s come to Nottingham. The Championships are the second most important qualification tournament leading into the Rio 2016 Olympics. Typically 40 countries participate with around 320 archers. Qualifications will be held at University of Nottingham’s Highfields venue and the finals will be held in the heart of Nottingham – Market Square! Continue reading

Danielle Brown MBE ~ Sports Psychology

Double Paralympic gold medallist, three times World Champion and multiple world record holder Danielle Brown is offering sport psychology sessions to help others succeed in sport. When striving to discover exactly what separates the best in the world from everybody else, Danielle was always drawn back to the psychological elements of sport. She has now turned to coaching and aims to make sport psychology accessible at grassroots level and beyond, helping athlete’s progress to the next level. Continue reading



Clout is a form of archery in which archers shoot arrows at a flag (known as “the Clout”) from a relatively long distance and score points depending on how close each arrow lands to the flag.

Scoring zones are defined by maximum radii from the flag pole. Each arrow scores points depending on which scoring zone it enters the ground in. An arrow embedded in the flag pole is counted as being in the highest scoring zone. If an arrow is lying on the ground, it is considered to be in the scoring zone in which its point lies.

The scoring zones may be marked on the ground. Where this is not practical, a non-stretch rope or chain marked with the radii of the scoring zones is attached to the flag pole and swept around it to determine which arrows are in which zones.

A designated person collects the arrows in each zone, sorts them into sets, and lays them on the ground. Each archer in turn points to his or her arrows and calls out the scores in descending order.

A single clout round consists of three dozen arrows, shot in ends of 6 arrows. Tournaments typically consist of a double clout round, in which a total of six dozen arrows is shot.

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Outdoor Rounds

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