Statement from the Chairman.

Due to family issues which some people are aware of causing me to travel between home and the Highlands of Scotland recently, July issue of “News and views from the Chairman” has been postponed until August and from then on quarterly. Hope to see you all on the shoot line soon.

Bernie Dicks


Ron Smith Memorial Trophy

The Ron Smith memorial trophy was presented to Sharon Dicks of greaslely castle archers for her work in promoting Archery over the years it was presented by last year’s winner Charlotte Attwood with the EMAS chairman Mario Stankovic over seeing. This was presented at wilford bowman 1440 shoot at greasley castle archers ground today Continue reading

Senior County Team (Target) Selection Sept 2021 to July 2022. UPDATE AND CHANGE

Having reviewed feedback from a number of archers, it appears that due to the current COVID restrictions on numbers of archers at tournaments, and the high demand of people wanting to shoot Record Status Shoots, Nottinghamshire Archery Society archers are finding it difficult to get places at the County Selection Shoots.

With this in mind, we are going change the selection process for THIS YEAR ONLY. Continue reading



The season is well underway but we are still only practicing at clubs.  The tournament season is to start soon, with Greasley Castle Archers 2xWA720 UKRS and Wilford Bowmen WA1440 WRS in the next couple of weeks. The Nottinghamshire county and club tournament calendar has been severely hit this year with many clubs cancelling their tournaments due to many reasons.  We all hope to see those tournaments back on the calendar next year. Continue reading