EMAS Exec are coming to meet you

The EMAS exec committee are holding an open invite to county members to understand what EMAS do for us on 4th November, Barnstone country club.  8 pm (2000 hours)

Any AGB member is welcome to this meeting.  Just turn up with your own questions.  So, to club secretaries, please do again encourage your members to attend and ask questions if they so wish.


Chris, from the last NAS meeting the items that we have for the agenda are:


  • How does EMAS plan to give development money to counties in the future?
  • EMAS squad, development, selection, adult and junior.  Advise, discuss, etc.
  • Why cannot the senior EMAS championships be a FITA, not a York/Hereford?
  • Pathways (I confess that I may have missed the importance of that word).


To all other recipients of this email:

All, if you have further questions of EMAS please forward them to me to add to the above agenda.  Please explain the full context of the question and the reason why it is important to ask?   That would really help.

And if you want to turn up and debate yourself, do so.

Thank you,


Mike T,

Sec, NAS

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