National Coaching Conference ~ Lilleshall ~ 9-10 November


Could I ask you to please contact your Coaches in your Region/Counties giving them the reminder that there are still places available on the National Coaching Conference.

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It is our Conference and to keep running it meeds our support.

I am disappointed by the total lack of interest in running a Coach of the Year Award. (COY)

I never had one response from my previous email to all RCO’s & CCO’s.

If we RCO’s & CCO’s cannot recognise and reward archery coaches then who will?

As stated before there could be nominations from Individuals and/or Clubs to the CCO and a County COY is selected, All County COY’s go towards the Region and a Region COY is selected. All Regional COY’s go to the National Conference and a National Coach of the Year is selected. That could give us Club. County, Region Coaches of the Year. Volunteers being recognised and rewarded for the good work that they do.
Where better to recognise and reward our top coaches than at our National Coaching Conference.

It is obviously to late for this year but can I please emphasise that we get something up and running for next year.

Let me know if you are interested and also I would also like to know why you are not interested?

Rob Anderson

Tel 0118 9344311

Mob 07876371275


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