Nott’s Team take honours and trophies at the Thoresby shoot

It all began quite calmly at the annual Thoresby shoot held this year in Loscoe Derbyshire, a gentle summer zephyr blowing towards the shooting line rustled the trees and target flags and the day was set for a pleasant balmy shoot, but little did the innocent County teams know that it can get quite windy up north and by gum, by the second end of arrows everyone began to long for sunnier climes in sheltered glades rather than the wind tunnel that we all now appeared to be trying to shoot in.

Having spent close on two hours trying to shoot two and a half dozen arrows a call went out for team captains to meet up with the head judge (Mario) who very sensibly suggested that we cut short the York/Hereford and go with a St George/Albion, this decision was met with a round of cheers and much merriment when it sunk in that we only had one more end at 100yds. Thank god! But little did we realise that this would also mean the judges could take an extra 15mins to consume their banquet lunch!!!!

Shooting continued as did the wind until after the long dinner break, when suddenly the wind started to diminish, but by then most of everyone’s energy and enthusiasm was on the wane.

Just when spirits were at their lowest and the jelly babies and liquorice allsorts had all gone, the Nott’s bulldog spirit kicked in, and with the Nott’s deputy team manager (Sharon) running the line and urging/poking and bribing archers to do their best it soon became apparent that glory was still within our reach.

Out of the misery of defeat a burning bush of glory was to befall the Nott’s team with individual honours going to Bernie Dicks (highest scoring gent recurve) Steve Gamble (highest scoring gent longbow) and the ship Trophy being awarded to our winning Longbow team of Adrianne Goodwin, Steve Gamble, Dave Seymour and John Hunton.

Our recurve team came third and the compound team came fifth.

The day was also a celebration of service and comitment for judge Andy Pointon who after 40 years as a National judge, including a stint as director of shooting at last years Olympics, Andy had decided that this would be his final day as a judge and what a day to remember. A presentation took place to thank Andy for all his time and effort and dedication to archery, and a vote of thanks and a warm farewell was given by all present.

Thank you Andy, from all at Nottingham Archery Society.

Well done to everyone in the Nott’s team and our thanks go to Mario, Sharon and everyone involved in this year’s County competitions and teams.

Thank you

Chris Joyce

Nott’s Chairman

2013 08 Notts Thoresby Team




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