Nottinghamshire Archery Society working with Schools (updated 27th June)

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I am contacting you to let you know about an exciting new project the Nottinghamshire Archery Society is introducing in Nottinghamshire. Our aim is to introduce pupils into the sport in a fun and engaging way.

One of the benefits of archery is that every child can shine; all children can take part in it. The kit is suitable for children aged 7 -11, allowing a wide range of ages to become involved in Archery. The equipment that you would use has been devised by Archery GB to be used safely in primary schools by teachers with no previous experience. The kit uses sucker arrows not pointed ones.



A half day training sessions, to introduce the safe kit, giving those attending the chance to shoot (with a bit of guidance from qualified coaches), with an opportunity to get together with other schools in your area in order to form leagues. We also offer a concluding session making you aware of further opportunities and possibilities.

We are a voluntary non-profit making organisation; the half day training session as will cost £75.00 a person, this is to cover our costs. Any profit will be used by the County to develop junior archery within the County. We will also give you details on how to buy an archery kit after the course. These range from a £275 , 3 bow taster pack to £550 for 30 users.


Following the shooting, in order to develop archery in Nottinghamshire we would like to promote the idea not just of introducing the archery kit archery to your school but also setting up inter school leagues. These would work in the following ways.

Inter School Leagues: – You would shoot against another school and exchange your results by e-mail. The results would then be posted on the internet and all schools in the league would be able to see the results. Inter-school competition can be held without the need to organise and pay for costly travel. We also aim to organise a face to face tournament for schools involved.

Future possibilities also include forming a school archery club affiliated to the County Archery Society or forming a school club link with a club in your area.

The Course is currently envisaged as the following sessions.

Session 1 – An introduction to the Arrows pack. We will quickly through the use of the pack and let all those attending use it and experience it for themselves, using the bows to get an idea of their strength. Teachers will also have coaching with larger bows.


Session 2 – During this session we will examine how leagues can be set up in your area and setting up a league between those schools who wish to participate.


Session 3 – Time to discuss the future plans and possible initiatives in partnership with the Nottinghamshire Archery Society.


If you would like further details please contact Mike Spare our County Development Officer

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