Nottinghamshire Junior Team Selection 2022

Covers team selection for the Sydney Bond Junior inter counties tournament in September 2022 and inter county matches to the end of August 2023.

Selection shoot criteria in line with the senior team selection:

Any record status 12 doz round:

  • WA 1440 Junior or Senior rounds
  • WA 720 Junior or Senior rounds. (only one 720 round will be counted)
  • York/Hereford or Bristol Rounds

Juniors must shoot at least 2 selection shoots at the appropriate age group or above.

Cut off date for scores to be submitted will be 15th August.

All juniors that shoot outside the county must let the Junior Team Manager know what tournament they have shot, the round and their score.

Email Charlotte at: please put Junior Selection Score in the subject line of the email. Make sure you give the date, round and where the tournament was held.

Selection process

Archers scores from the selection shoots will be converted to equivalent scores for the round to be shot at the Sydney Bond tournament, using the Archery GB handicap tables.

Archers will be ranked on the basis of the two best equivalent scores achieved, this can include one 720 round.

The team of 8 juniors will be selected in order from the resulting ranking. Ties will be decided by using the best score at the County Champs.

The selection recommended by the Junior Team Manager will be reviewed by the County Chair and Vice Chairs.


Charlotte Attwood

Notts Junior Team Manager

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