Recurve Bow for Sale

Win & Win CXT 25” Riser in White and Blue with adjustable Arrow Rest, Carbon Clicker, Top Damper and Shibuya Pressure Button.

Win & Win Inno EX Power 68” Limbs, 38Lb @ 28”.

Sure-Loc Sight with 2 Titan Sight Pins.

Win & Win HMC Plus Carbon Long Rod & Extension, SF Ultimate Pro Carbon Side Rods and V Bar.

Decut Wheeled ABS Case with Foam Liner.

14 Easton ACE Arrows 1206 H / 520, 29”AMO, Beiter Nocks.

Also included – Slip covers for riser and limbs, sight case, spare pressure button and extension bar, limb alignment guides, spare fletchings and nocks and spare wheels for case.

£650 the lot.


Andy Mortimore  07977 130466

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