AGB and the government have given the all clear to continue as normal but left it to individual clubs and committees to take on the responsibility of the Covid-19 security, i.e., passed the buck.

As many Notts county archers are aware I am now judging and been travelling around different regions in this capacity, I can confirm that life outside of Nottinghamshire is continuing as normal, even having a Bacon cob for breakfast and a cheeseburger for lunch at the National Masters Age championships at Wallingford, South Oxfordshire. Also, raffles are running again. I can confirm that it is true that judges always win the raffle. On my first judging job at the Clout Collective shoot, the very first ticket was mine.

With reference to judging, EMAS judging liaison officer (Margaret Marsh) has organised in conjunction with Silverspoon Bowmen (Boston / Lincolnshire), a judging “have-a-go” day at their Metric shoot on the 11th of September. If you are interested, please contact me, Mike Thomason or Margaret directly so we know numbers. The idea is to match you with a judge for the day so you can try it first. Please remember that judging is a fairly big commitment and will take time away from your shooting, as it has with mine, so be advised.

Although I personally did not agree with teams being entered into the EMAS senior intercounty champs (Thorsby) or the EMAS junior intercounty champs (Sydney Bond), the decision was reversed at the last committee meeting. The team selections are now complete, and the tournaments are going ahead, normally as possible and with reduced members due to lack of compound archers qualifying to send a team. Therefore, as Chairman of the county I wish both teams the best of luck and good shooting on the day. Bring back the bling.

Some County tournaments have been running. The first two Nottingham League shoots have taken place, with the third to follow in September. There is a change this year, the Oregon challenge scores will be taken from the 2nd and 3rd shoot. This is to coincide with the tournament being shot in Oregon / USA. There will be a presentation on the day for the league individuals and to the Oregon Team. The Golden arrow took place at Sherwood archers and was successful.

There are still 3 shoots left in the county this year and I encourage everyone to come along.

  • The Notts league / Oregon challenge held by Wilford Bowmen at (Greasley Castle Archers) 19th of September
  • Pie & Bean at Sherwood 24th of October.
  • EMAS indoor championships 21st of November at Sherwood (Joseph Whitaker).

I urge every archer to support all County and club tournaments at the moment. It takes a lot of hard work and paperwork to put a shoot on and is a shame when the time comes for the shoot having to cancel through lack of entries to make it viable.

I hope all archers are taking advantage of the online Summer Warwick challenge, set up by Lizzie Eyres, she informs me that there are plenty of entries. This is good to see, and we should be continuing with these online challenges in the future if enough are interested.

Unusually, I am looking forward to this indoor season for some strange reason, it could be missing nearly two years indoor shooting. I have forgotten how much I don’t like it. Can I ask all clubs that are able to shoot indoors this year to support archers that are unable due to their clubs not going inside for various reasons, we are all here to help each other!

Finally, I would like to thank Bryan and Sue Haynes for their hard work on the Notts committee over the years, holding many varying posts. They have decided to stand down at this years AGM. This creates a number of posts that require willing volunteer to fill. As Chairman I need people around me who are willing to put the time in to help run and hopefully improve the county for every archer in the county. Archery is not just a shooting sport, there are many opportunities for administration, coaching, judging, volunteering, and general team building. If you are interested in working with the committee, please contact me or Mike Thomason (secretary). Remember that no executive committee means county and the county is here for the benefit of the archers, not the clubs.

I apologise for the delay with this issue, this was due to family issues.


Bernie Dicks

County Chairman

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