Nottinghamshire Archery Society Warwick Summer Challenge 2021 (updated)

Nottinghamshire Archery Society Warwick Summer Challenge 2021

Terms & Conditions 

The Summer Challenge is open to ALL Nottinghamshire Archery Society members

Warwick Open / Warwick Rounds according to handicap / Junior Rounds (see below for more details)

Competition running from 1st May to 31st September

Scores to be submitted online via the NAS Summer Form (paper entries will not be accepted)


Last entry date 7th October (late entries will not be accepted)


The Warwick round must be shot in accordance to ArcheryGB rules of shooting

Two dozen arrows to be shot at the first distance and two dozen arrows to be shot at the second distance on a 122cm with 5 zone scoring

Please circle the 9s if they are 10s incase of a tie

Only 6 sighters are allowed before scoring commences


Score sheet must be fully completed by the scorer and retained incase confirmation is required by the NAS committee (a photograph is preferable to avoid unnecessary handling of paperwork)

Any warwick score sheet will be accepted as long as it is completed in full

A named witness is required but signatures are not required

An archers may shoot further longer distances than their handicap/age allows but must NOT shoot lower shorter distances


Juniors may enter as seniors in the full warwick round

If multiple rounds are shot on the same day then only the first round is eligible for the challenge

An archer may shoot and enter scores for different bow types but the rounds must be shot on different days

There will be an award for most improved archer so you are encouraged to submit multiple scores

throughout the season




Bow                             Handicap         Round                         Distances

Longbow                       0 – 65                Warwick                        60y / 50y

Longbow                       66 – 73              Short Warwick               50y / 40y

Longbow                       74 – 99             Junior Warwick              40y / 30y

Barebow                       0 – 57                Warwick                        60y / 50y

Barebow                       58 – 71             Short Warwick              50y / 40y

Barebow                       72 – 99            Junior Warwick              40y / 30y

Recurve                        0 – 41                Warwick                        60y / 50y

Recurve                        42 – 57              Short Warwick               50y / 40y

Recurve                        58 – 99            Junio


r Warwick              40y / 30y

Compound                    0 – 29                Warwick                        60y / 50y

Compound                    30 – 49              Short Warwick               50y / 40y

Compound                    50 – 99            Junior Warwick              40y / 30y

Please note if you are currently without handicap then you must shoot the Warwick Round (60y / 50y)



Age      Round                                      Distance

U18      Short Warwick                           50y/



U16      Junior Warwick                          40y/30y

U14      Short Junior Warwick                 30y/20y

U12      Notts Short Junior Warwick        20y/10y


Rolling results will be published on the Nottinghamshire Archery Society website at the end of each month

The final results will be published by the end of October

Winners certificates will be sent out to


the relevant club secretaries once results have been published

All data will be held in accordance to ArcherGB GDPR Policy




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