With the roll out of the vaccines things are beginning to look promising and I feel this could be the final push.  The government have laid a path back to (hopefully) what will become normality. If all goes to plan clubs should be able to open again from the 29th March, fingers crossed. I am waiting to see what the latest AGB guidance will look like when it arrives, although I do feel archer numbers will be restricted until an all clear is given, (planned for 21st June).  But remember, a lot can happen between now and then.

When clubs feel comfortable to re-open and as the warmer weather sets in, I hope to see archers appearing on the shooting lines across the county. I would ask that those who have not been able to practice to take it easy to begin with, your muscles are not what they were and injury could easily happen. I especially ask all coaches to keep an eye on their club members, I feel a lot of advice is going to be required.

I would like all clubs and coaches to concentrate and work hard on training this summer season, to build a strong archery community in our county. To that end I ask all coaches and leaders to make sure their qualifications and paperwork are correct and up to date. AGB have said there are no excuses for not having enough CPD points to maintain your grades as they were running webinars through the pandemic.

Our county lost approximately 300 archers at the last renewal in October.  Can we all do what we can to encourage those that did not renew to come back into the fold, they may need a bit of encouragement.

With the success of the online Frostbite challenge that ran for 3 months at the beginning of the indoor season, (if you were a winner please ask your club secretaries for your certificate). Lizzie is designing a summer online challenge. This will incorporate juniors this time with age groups at appropriate distances. It will probably be a Warwick round (4 dozen). There are a lot of club archers that are not comfortable shooting in tournaments. This will be launched to make these archers feel included in the county family.

At the next committee meeting on the 12th April, if all has gone to plan and clubs are open, we are looking forward to planning the season ahead. We are not quite sure how the April Notts league will look (if it goes ahead) or the 3 tournaments planned at Greasley Castle Archers in May. It is unlikely there will be any adult county teams this year entered into tournaments, but there are plans afoot to invest in training this year and come out strong next year.

And, as a last point, Mr. Bernie Dicks is now a Candidate Judge. Studying the books hard and looking forward to meeting everyone with the green uniform on. See you all on the shooting line or watching you from behind it.

Bernie Dicks

County Chairman (and candidate judge!)

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