The New Year has arrived, welcome.

I am sure 2021 will be a major improvement on 2020, which was memorable for all the wrong reasons.  There seems to be a competition going on between the vaccine and the rapidly increasing number of covid-19 cases.  I hope that the vaccine will win out in the end,

With the county going into tier 4 yesterday changing the rules again, putting a halt on indoor shooting.  Thankfully outdoors can continue but with only one archer per boss. I am hopeful that, by the time the outdoor season starts, some sort of normality will be returning.  However, it does not help when I see headlines of a “third wave” and “more deaths in 2021 than 2020”.

With the next committee meeting coming up on the 11th January it is my intention to get back to some sort of tournament normality where possible.  I want us to run all the county tournaments, (with the committee’s consent of course), and the relevant clubs backing us in some form or other.  The exception to this may be the county indoor championships which does not appear to be viable at present and has already been cancelled for 2021. I also intend working through the club shoot calendar, asking clubs to run their normal competitions if they can.  And if not their normal competition, some form of modified shoot.  My job as county chairman is to promote archery in the county, not hold it back!!! Experienced archers will always be able to find national tournaments to attend.  But with 875 archers in the county, it is the large number of grass root archers that I want to encourage back onto the field of valour.

It was a quiet month for the NAS Frostbite challenge because, I suspect, the wind and rain kept most of us warm and dry indoors.  But we did have some entries. Remember it is an individual challenge, so challenge yourselves and get out there.  I was hoping to hand out certificates to clubs personally but as nearly all clubs are still not accepting visitors, I will send them to the relevant club secretaries to award.

There is a potential problem in the future with regards to judging. The county currently has only three judges. Without judges it is impossible to run any record status shoots. The county would have to import judges from neighbouring counties, expenses would be incurred for travelling and possibly overnight accommodation. Therefore, I am asking any archers, especially experienced archers to consider the possibility of training as a judge. The more judges there are in the county the less the individual workload. Candidates would be considered and there are bursaries available to the candidates for uniform and examination expenses. If you are interested in putting something back into the sport you love, please contact Mike Thomason or myself. I am seriously considering becoming a judge…

Finally, I would like to wish every archer and their family a happy & safe New Year and I look forward to seeing everyone on the shooting line soon.


Bernie Dicks

Nottinghamshire County Chairman

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