Offered for sale, Border Tempest riser, SOLD

right handed, 25 inches in hard-anodised satin titanium colour. Comes with:

  • Two grips – Jager Best I and Jager Best II (fitted) neither have been adjusted in any way;
  • Weights kit – these are currently fitted and have been secured with the blue thread lock. They will need to be removed with pliers and have been left in for the new owner to adjust as required;
  • Bag;
  • Horseshoe shims to adjust limb-alignment (the two fitted are for no offset) six others move the alignment left or right, the amount and direction depending on the engraved dots on the shim;
  • Plastic plugs for the weight bushings so they can be sealed if not used;
  • Shibuya arrow rest.


This riser has been little used. It is pristine apart from two small dings – one up by where the sight plate attaches and the other on the arrow shelf. Border’s current price list has it at £667 including VAT for the basic riser without any extras, asking £525 including UK shipping but will probably deliver by hand within the Nottinghamshire area. Please call 07789 400547 or mail to


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