Notts Junior Summer Metrics Challenge

To encourage juniors back to shooting rounds.

AGB Phase 2 Guidance notes for Clubs, and Archers allows rounds to be shot at clubs.

Some clubs may wish though to keep to just one distance, so archers can still compete by shooting the round over 2 days.

This is a Notts junior competition in line with the AGB Summer Metrics. Open to all Notts juniors, they can shoot as many short metrics as they like at their club and submit their highest score shot up to the end of September (AGB has recently moved the end date to end September) Send the score to AGB as outlined in the web page and send me (Charlotte) a pic of the scoresheet via email: Please label as Summer Metrics.

If clubs restrict the movement of targets or have time restrictions the archers are able to shoot the Metrics over 2 days, so over a weekend or 1st distance one week and 2nd distance the next week.

If archers do not wish to enter the AGB postal that is ok, they can still be entered for the Notts competition.

Open to Compound, Recurve, Barebow and Longbow. Must shoot to their age group or above.

80cm face. 3doz at each distance.

  • Short Metric 1 – Boys under 18  50m / 30m
  • Short Metric 2 – Boys under 16 and Girls under 18. 40m / 30m
  • Short Metric 3 – Boys under 14 and Girls under 16.  30m / 20m
  • Short metric 4 – Boys under 12 and Girls under 14. 20m / 10m
  • Short metric 5 – Girls under 12  15m / 10m

If they have already shot a short metric for the AGB competition they can count that or do another better one, these would be sent to me also. The winners will be announced sometime in October, each age-group/bow type winner will be awarded a certificate.

Raffle Prize

All entries will be entered into a raffle, the first name drawn will win a prize of £20 donated by The County Junior Rep (Charlotte Attwood) to be spent at their favourite archery shop before Christmas.

Rules of the AGB Summer Metrics and scoring apps please see here:

Entry to the AGB Summer Metrics

AGB Phase 2  Guidance notes for Archers, see Competitions

Charlotte Attwood

County Junior Rep and Junior Team Manager

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