Well, July is upon us, I hope everyone is still fit and well?

After Archery GB issued their return to archery phase 1 document dated 13th May, Bulwell Foresters, Burton Joyce, Greasley Castle Archers, Sherwood Archers, then Wilford Bowmen opened, with Belvoir Archers, Keyworth Archers, Newark Castle Archers and Welbeck Archers to follow this week. Well done and thank you for your hard work in getting your members safely back behind the string.

Mike Thomason and I had a video conference meeting yesterday, 1st July, with AGB and other EMAS counties.  The purpose of the meeting was for AGB to update the region and counties and get feedback on ‘life’ in the country currently.  So: –


  • The only significant change to “Return to shooting Phase 1, 13th May” is that from the 4th July it is now permitted to have targets at 4 meters centres with two archers per target shooting alternately on the shoot line. The important bits are
    1. that 2-meter distancing is maintained
    2. When collecting arrows each archer must only collect their own arrows.
    3. Although not stated at the meeting it does imply that target faces may be shared?
    4. We await further clarification on the above points, so you may want to stick with your current arrangements until written guidance is provided and you have had time to rethink your risk assessments and procedures.
  • All current National ranking positions and classifications (GMB, MB, etc.) are to be carried forward to the 2021 season
  • There will be no Nationally organised tournaments this outdoor season, (UK Masters, National series etc.).
  • AGB are planning to conduct Field archery and Target archery tournament trials towards the end of July to see if tournaments can be run safely.

With the last of the counties record status shoots being cancelled, which would have been Welbeck Archers WA1440 and the lead time for registering record status with AGB being what it is, means there will be no record status shoots in Nottinghamshire for the entire outdoor season. I asked the question; when will (return to shooting guidance Phase 2) be issued? not expecting a commencement date, but AGB still had no issue date.  Many things are still unresolved and we await government guidance.  There was a suggestion of some announcements possibly next week; but no commitment. So, as for the moment, no club tournaments either, I think this could change later subject to local lockdowns and a second covid-19 wave of course.

Archery GB in conjunction with Sport England and Sport & Recreation Alliance have written to the government to try to ascertain when it is likely indoor sports facilities are to be allowed to reopen.  This is very pertinent as half the shooting year is spent inside sports halls. With the arrangements at the moment not many clubs could accommodate their archers or the price it would cost to hire halls with limited archers.  The situation remains that there is no indoor club shooting allowed at present.

A little bit of news regarding Welbeck Archers, they are on the move. Due to security reasons on the Welbeck estate, the security gates have been moved further from the house, meaning that the normal field (Abbey Bottoms) is no longer accessible after 45 years of occupation. The good news, the estate has allowed the club to move to Lady Margaret Hall as a club house with the adjacent field as their shooting ground. This is still on the Welbeck estate, and it means they (and visitors) will no longer have to shoot on a large uphill windy field.  Yes!!!  Good result guys and good luck with the move, I cannot wait to shoot there.

I admit to being a little surprised with the uptake when Greasley castle Archers offered their ground to visitors for clubs that had not re-opened. I would have thought the demand would have been higher (4 people), especially during the glorious weather we had. I can understand that many people are very apprehensive about going outside. Do not be afraid, we do not bite. All Nottinghamshire archers are welcome, just contact Bernie or Sharon Dicks.

At the moment the junior and senior inter-county tournaments in September are still planned, if they go ahead it will be interesting to see if teams can be raised. I would say that if you are a potential team member and would be prepared to shoot, START GETTING SOME PRACTICE!!!

Please remember that the county’s archery shops have re-opened in the last two weeks, by appointment only at this time. It is important to support them as they have supported the county for many years. Thank you.


Bernie Dicks

Chairman, Nottinghamshire Archery Society

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