A View From The Isolation Chair (not the naughty Chair!)

At last I can put out some good news.

Very late Thursday 13th May 2020 AGB in conjunction with Sport England and the Department of Digital culture Media and Sport {DCMS) issued a rather lengthy document titled.

RETURNING TO ARCHERY Phase 1 (I do insist you read it if you are thinking of opening).

It includes guidelines and risk assessments to get clubs back shooting safely and with social distancing. Having read the complete document and trying to see how it fits into my own club facilities, I can see a few snags for a lot of clubs.

  • The bosses would ideally say out on the ground.
  • What if your club is on a shared “high risk” sports ground that is not open?
  • And my personal favourite, the toilets should remain closed except for emergencies. Tell that to the older generation.

It is good to know that at least it should be feasible for some clubs to open up again after some 10 weeks shut down.

Having said that, clubs are under no pressure from AGB, Region or even Notts county to open their doors. I have seen a few clubs on Face Book coming to the conclusion that they could not or think it’s a bit early. This I fully understand.

I can only say to those that can return to archery in a safe and orderly manor, good shooting and for God sake stay safe.

Bernie Dicks

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