Who would have believed a month ago what was going to happen! I did not become chairman to shut down the outdoor shooting season, probably for the first time in the Nottingham societies history. What a way to be remembered.

An impromptu emergency executive meeting was held at Eaton Manor (16th March 2020) as 4 of the 5 executive committee members were there on a training week, with the 5th member on skype. It was decided to cancel the 3 x league shoots, also the golden arrow but wait a couple of weeks to announce, waiting to see what happens. Within days AGB and then the government forced our hand to announce the cancellation earlier. We believe that this situation will last quite a long time. If the season can start again, which is what we all hope, I will be calling on clubs to get up and running as quickly and re-instate their shoots but only if we have the all clear. The thinking at the moment is that when we can go out, there will be a second peak. It may come to pass that club practice is possible but not tournaments so social distancing can be maintained.

The EMAS senior inter county clout tournament had to be cancelled at very short notice, we were in the process of asking the team if they still wanted to shoot when EMAS cancelled. This was before the lock down. SORRY TEAM.

I want to personally to take this opportunity to thank every single NHS staff member and key worker that are members of the Nottingham Archery Society, I think I can speak for every member, you are doing a fantastic job in very difficult circumstances. THANK YOU.

Hoping everyone is well and keeping safe, please make sure you follow the governments guidelines, none of us are immune to this virus. I want to see every single archer on the shoot line without exception after this episode.

I would ask every club committee to check on their archers, especially the vulnerable people. Remember a club is not just a club, it’s a family. I have set up a Monday morning role call on Face book for members of Greasley Castle Archers, just to check that all is well with everyone. Also asked our Secretary to e-mail every member.


Knowing many people will have started practicing at home in their gardens, please make sure that you are completely safe, (although this is not permission for you to do this). The county cannot take any responsibility for you. AGB insurance does not cover you for home shooting.

Everybody hold tight, Victory will be ours and by the grace of God, WE WILL BE BACK, as Arnie says.


Bernie Dicks


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