2020 and the Covid 19 Virus in Nottinghamshire Archery Society

Well, what a year this one is going to be. Sadly, not in a good way.

As you know AGB have told us to cancel all grass roots archery for the foreseeable future.

So clubs will have already started/completed the process to cancel their HAGs, beginners courses, remaining winter sessions, outdoor practice, competitions, meetings etc, etc.

September/October onward competitions may possibly still run.  The decision to run a competition or not is a club decision;  acting within AGB guidance.  Covid 19 and other circumstances will dictate the club’s decisions.

As far as the county is concerned we are cancelling:-

The next county meeting (April 20th).  Although I doubt if anything important is now going to arise; any issues needing a decision via the county will from this point be dealt with by the exec through the mediums of phone, Facebook, email and messenger.

As the peak is currently estimated to be during June we are also cancelling the July meeting, it’s going to be quite difficult out there by that time and frankly, archery politics is a low priority.

Also cancelled are all the 2020 league shoots (April at Greasley, June (Sherwood) and August (Wilford)).

We are cancelling the Golden Arrow (June, Sherwood)

We are cancelling the County Championships (July, Greasley).

We now do not currently plan to run a county coach seminar in 2020.

At present we are keeping the October NAS meeting in the diary as well as the November AGM.  Again these may have to be pulled depending upon the subsidence of the first wave and the emergence of the second wave of infections.

Mike T,

Sec, NAS.


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