2019 Sydney Bond

EMAS Junior Intercounties The Sydney Bond 

Report by Charlotte Attwood

WE WON AGAIN, 3 Times in a row !!

We all got to the ground in plenty of time. Just after setting up one of our team’s fletchings decided to fall off !!!  Fletching jig at the ready and by the time the whistle blew we had 6 fully fletched arrows and spares !!

We started off just a few points in front of Derbyshire the gap widened steadily throughout the day. Many thanks to Chris Rochelle who collected scores for me, we did find one or two discrepancies which were sorted quickly by David Anderson manning the computer,  always worth collecting the scores.

At lunch we all had some lovely Chocolate Birthday Cake supplied by Wilford Bowmen to celebrate Tobias Tien’s  Birthday.


Well done to all the team, who all shot well in a tricky wind, there were 3 new ones this year Holly Brown 9 only started last November and put in a whopping 1088 a PB by 78pts!!


Team Scores were:

Eleanor Rochelle                             Bristol 3               1134 PB

Will Oakes                                        Bristol 3              1116

Holly Brown                                     Bristol 5              1088  PB new to the team

Lois Darling                                      Bristol 3             1026

Tobias Tien                                      Bristol 2              998  Birthday boy

Mathilde Willson-Drummond      Bristol 3               968  new to the team

Ethan Lamb                                     Bristol 3               908  new to the team


Well done DAC and David Anderson for a good shoot that ran smoothly, very lucky with the weather and finished in good time.

Many thanks to Tony Drabble and Custom Built Archery for sponsoring the lovely shirts.


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