2019 Oregon Challenge Results – Report by Sandy Wallace from Oregon

Our Sherwood Nottingham International Archery Match was completed on Saturday, July 20 and Sunday, July 21, 2019.  Our shoot was held at Edy Ridge Elementary School soccer field in Sherwood.  The weather was typical for Oregon in July as it was in the high 80’s both days.

Our 2017 Maid Marian sang “God Save the Queen” and our “National Anthem”, followed by our 2019 Maid Marian shooting the traditional “first arrow” and officially starting the shoot.


The results of the shoot are as follows:

Senior Recurve:                                                                 Compound:

Sherwood –    12829 *                                                       Sherwood –    13952 *

Nottingham – 12495                                                          Nottingham – 13632


Junior Recurve:                                                                  Master Compound:

Sherwood –    3924 (3 member team)                            Sherwood –    4780 * (3 member team)

Nottingham – 3944 * (2/1 round)                                   Nottingham – 4551  (2/1 round)


Master Recurve:                                                                Longbow:

Sherwood –    5851 *                                                         Sherwood –    4446 *

Nottingham – 5816                                                            Nottingham – 3194


Master Longbow:

Sherwood –    2225

Nottingham – 2384 *


Congratulations to all of our archers and thank you for their participation in this only one of a kind tournament.  Full team member names, scores and team pictures will be sent to you.


Thank you, Susan, once again for all you do in coordinating and corresponding with me

with our 64th annual competition.  We look forward to our match continuing for many more years.



Sandy Wallace

Secretary, Sherwood Robin Hood Festival Association

Honorary Member of the Sylvan Arcners

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