Nottinghamshire triumph at the challenge match against Leicestershire & Rutland County Archery Association

Sunday saw the county team in action against Leicesterhire & Rutland County Archery Association team at a very blustery Welbeck Archers.

The shoot had to be cancelled after 8 1/2 dozen by the judge as the wind was getting too strong and a load of scopes were falling over and arrows coming off the rests.

The scores at 8 1/2 dozen stood, with Nottinghamshire winning the challenge for the first time since 2010.

Notts L&RCAA
Gents Compound 2210 2075
Ladies Compound 722 658
Gents Recurve 2062 2431
Ladies Recuve 2053 1954
Ladies Barebow 516 504
Senior Team Combined 7563 6946
Junior Team 2664 2547
Combined Score 10,227 10,169

Our victorious team was

Gents Compound  Bernie Dicks, Nigel Lane, Shai Qureshi, Kah Chung Chan, Mick Platikw

Ladies Compound  Paige Jones

Gents Recurve    Stephen Lamb, Steve Attwood, Darran Lowe, Chris Joyce

Ladies Recurve  Lizzie Eyres, Amy Nairn, Serena Lamb, Emma Thomason

Ladies Barebow  Helen Bundy, Georgina Taylor

Junior Team  Will Oakes, Laura Eyres, Eleanor Rochelle, Loius Darling

County Team Managers
Senior   Sue Haynes
Junior    Lesley Gray

I would like to thank Sue and Lesley for their hard work looking after the team all day, collecting and collating scores,

I would also like to thank Welbeck Archers for allowing us to use their Spring Holiday York/Hereford shoot as an inter county team match

And not to forget our team sponsor – Custom Built Archery

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