Stolen from the Foxes Last night

A member of The Foxes Archery Club in Leicestershire had their kit stolen last night, while they were training. It would be a big help if you could warn archers in your area, and also ask them to look out for it on the second hand market.  If anyone sees or hears anything, please will they get in touch with me or the Club? Many, many thanks.

W&W Wiawis Nano Max 25″ Riser – Black/Orange – RH – grip modified with black Sugru
Medium 68” Border Hex 6.6-H limbs 40lbs @ 29”matt clear finish
Shibuya Ultima Carbon Recurve Sight + Beiter 12mm Sight Tunnel
Shibuya Magnetic Rest Ultima – Black
Beiter Button – Black
Mybo Aeris Long Rod – 33″ – Black
2x Mybo Aeris Short Rod – 15″ – Black
Mybo Universal Extender – 4″ – Black
Mybo Fixed 40 V-Bar – Black
Mybo Crescent Clicker
Orange string

Black Sony Tripod
Unbranded 20×60 spotting scope

Yours sincerely

Anne Smith
Tournament Officer and County Representative
The Foxes Archery Club

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