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Nottinghamshire Archery Society Junior Team double winners of the Regional finals at the Junior Inter-Counties championships 2018



Nottinghamshire Archery Society Junior Combined recurve and compound bow team

double winners of the East Midland Archery Regional Junior Finals in Northhampton on Sunday.

Thomas Lane, Paige Jones, Jenny Bryan and Liam Wright -Junior Regional Compound winners

On Sunday 22nd July 2018 the Nottinghamshire junior teams travelled all the way down to Wellingborough down in Northamptonshire to shoot against four other junior County teams at the Regional finals. It was an early start for the team so the team manager stayed over night to make sure everything was in place to look after the team.

It was warm but overcast day, which started with the team get together where team year bars and shirts given out. The teams then went off to get ready to shoot…

The team spirit on the day was fabulous between all members, experience in the team varied from an international archer to one who has only been in the sport 8 months!!

Lunch time came and the compound team had taken a small the lead from early on in the match, occasionally by only a few points but as the morning progressed a good lead opened up.

Once again the team spirit held with the more senior archers in the team leading in the warm up after lunch – everyone joined in!

As the afternoon progressed, the targets moved closer the gap opened up between Nott’s and the other teams!!

Once the scores were signed and as everyone awaited the final result expectations were high of a win for Nott’s, this was confirmed a few minutes later when Nott’s collected the double a win for both recurve and compound teams.

It was fabulous day all round with both teams winning and Nott’s taking the top girl compound award as well.

Jenny Bryan top girl compound

Scores for the compound team…






Recurve Team:  5457     Derbyshire  5360

Anna Blythe

Laura Eyres

Tobias Tien

Poppy Barker

Eleanor Rochelle

Will Oakes

Lois Darling

Jack Hill


We started off in 2nd place to Derbyshire but after 3 doz we were in top spot, where we stayed the whole day, not without pressure from Derbyshire though. It all became a little fraught at 10 doz when the scoring showed us 100pts down to what my collection sheet gave, but after asking the scoring party I was eventually assured that the scores would be double checked at the end.

Brilliant shooting from Anna Blythe 1204 on the Bristol 5 a PB (Personal Best) and also from Laura Eyres 1146 on the Bristol 4 beating her last PB by over 100 pts.

Excellent shooting well done girls.

Tobias did well shooting a lighter bow than normal due to a  shoulder problem still managed 1076 a PB for the Bristol 3.

Will Oakes 995 just missing out on his 1000 Rose.

Jack Hill on the Bristol 1 who only started shooting last November and only recently shooting 80yds shot a credible PB of 649.


Excellent result well done to all the team.

Next year we go for three wins in a row!


Reports by


Lesley Gray -team manager

Charlotte Attwood- Recurve team


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