County Senior Team Selection Process for 2018 Team ~ UPDATED 22nd January 2018

The selection process for 2018 of the Nottinghamshire Archery Society Senior County Team (Target)

The 2018 team selected is from 1st August 2018 to 31st July 2019

Six shoots will now be used for team selection, these being: –

  • Belvoir Archers                                                          Double WA720           14 April
  • Wilford Bowmen                                                        Double WA720           20th May
  • Sherwood Archers                                                      Double WA720           3rd June
  • Welbeck Archers                                                        York/Hereford            27th May
  • The Nottinghamshire County Championship             York/Hereford            8th July
  • Welbeck Archers                                                        WA1440                     15th July

County team selection process

To be eligible to shoot for Nottinghamshire, archers must be affiliated to Nottinghamshire Archery Society.

To shoot for Nottinghamshire at an EMAS inter-county shoot, archers must also be affiliated to EMAS.

Ranking points will be awarded to individuals dependant on the position gained in each qualifying shoot (above), with the highest position scoring 1 and the second highest position scoring 2 etc. and who have successfully achieved the minimum scores required (see below).

There will be 2 squads, one for the WA720 rounds, one for the long distance rounds WA1440/York (Hereford).

To be able to shoot in a WA720 round, you must shoot two of the WA720 selection round (Belvoir, Wilford, Sherwood).  Your ranking from these rounds will be taken into account.

To be able to shoot in a York (Hereford) / WA1440, you must shoot two of the full distance rounds (County Championships or Welbeck) and your rankings from these rounds will be taken into account.

Where a tie in ranking points occurs, the scores from the Nottinghamshire County Championship (outdoor) will be used to decide who makes the team.

Anyone wishing to qualify for the team who cannot attend the qualifying shoots due to clashes with National Series Shoots, Masters or if they are selected to shoot for their Nation/Country/Invictus Games that occur on the same day as our shoots, can with prior approval (via Email) from the County Team Manager, may submit a qualifying score sheet from the shoot attended and this will be considered by the selection committee in lieu of the qualifying shoot.

The county team pool will be announced a week after the final qualifying round. The Nottinghamshire County Archery Squad, from which the County team will be selected, will be made up of those archers who have achieved the minimum qualifying scores, and provided that the minimum qualifying score criteria have been met could include those individuals identified by the selection committee who qualify by virtue of their performance in competitions elsewhere.

The selection committee will be made up of
County Team Manager
County Chair
County Vice Chair

Juniors wishing to shoot for the senior team must shoot appropriate adult rounds for their gender under the above criteria.

Their scores can be equated to their age equivalent for the junior team selection.

If archers do not meet the minimum scores required, a reduced team for that discipline will be submitted to the relevant shoot.


The County Team shoots for 2018 (subject to change) are

EMAS Intercounties                                                   WA720                       6th May  2018

EMAS Intercounties The Thoresby Challenge          York/Hereford            September 2018

Nottinghamshire v Lincolnshire                                 WA1440                     15th July 2018

Nottinghamshire v Leicestershire                               York Hereford            5th August 2018




Minimum Score Criteria 2018


LADIES Recurve Compound Bare Bow Longbow
Hereford 835 1091 407 226
WA1440 1000 1169 490 340
Double WA720 816 1244 324 150



GENTS Recurve Compound Bare Bow Longbow
York 805 1121 439 189
WA1440 975 1215 641 365
Double WA720 900 1244 600 240




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