Junior Nationals

Notts juniors all shot well at the Junior Metrics and the Junior National Championships last weekend.

Congratulations to our National Champions Jenny Bryan, Lukas Burton and two Bronze Medallists Laura Eyres and Tobias Tien.

Saturday Metrics


Liam Wright 2nd                Bramcote AC     Metric 1 with 1292
Jenny Bryan 2nd                 Bramcote AC      Metric 3 with 1388
Thomas Lane 5th               Bramcote AC     Metric 3 with 1170
Paige Jones 13th               Belvoir Archers Metric 3 with 1220


Lukas Burton  1st               Bingham LCAC  Metric 1 with 652


Poppy Barker 4th               Bramcote AC     Metric 5 with 1236
Laura Eyres 7th                  Bramcote AC     Metric 5 with 1198

Sunday National Championships


Jenny Bryan 1st                  Bramcote AC                    Bristol 3 with 1288
Liam Wright 4th                  Bramcote AC                     Bristol 1 with 1176
Thomas Lane 5th                Bramcote AC                    Bristol 4 with 1128
Paige Jones 7th                   Belvoir Archers                Bristol 3 with 1256


Laura Eyres  3rd                 Bramcote AC                 Bristol 5 with 1196
Tobias Tien  3rd                 Wilford Bowmen              Bristol 4 with 1160
Poppy Barker 6th               Bramcote AC                  Bristol 5 with 1164
Daisy Medley 11th            Beeston Rylands               Bristol 4 with 1162
Lois Darling 12th                Wilford Bowmen              Bristol 4 with 1145
Henry Tien  15th                Wilford Bowmen              Bristol 2 with 1118


Lukas Burton  2nd             Bingham LCAC              Bristol 1 with 594

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