Winner of the silver bowl trophy in the recurve division is Sherwood. Sherwood retains the silver bowl for another year.  The top eight recurve scores were added to make the team score.  Sherwood and Nottingham team scores are compared to determine the winner of the silver bowl.  All team members on all teams received a medal from Sherwood and one from Nottingham.  Two commemorative medals were also given to each team member.  The same were awarded to the Nottingham team members at the completion of their shoot on

June 12, 2016.  Their scores were then mailed and kept sealed until completion of the Sherwood shoot.




RECURVE:                                                            JUNIOR RECURVE:

Sherwood       13068                                         Sherwood            5615

Nottingham    12141                                             Nottingham          4059



Sherwood        6255

Nottingham     5203


COMPOUND:                                                      LONGBOW:

Sherwood         13848                                       Sherwood          4011

Nottingham      13650                                       Nottingham       2868


MASTER  COMPOUND:                                     MASTER  LONGBOW:

Sherwood         6549                                          Sherwood         2667

Nottingham      6594                                          Nottingham      1578


The 60th Anniversary of the International Archery Match between Sherwood, Oregon and Nottingham, England was held on Saturday, July 16 and Sunday, July  17, 2016.  The event took place at Edy Ridge Elementary School soccer field. Sherwood is represented by the Sylvan Archers of Sherwood.  The Sylvan Archers were honored to be Grand Marshal of the Robin Hood festival parade.  Maid Marian, Jessica Mulkey shot the traditional “first arrow”  to officially start the match.

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