Sherwood v Nottingam 1956 – 2016 60th Anniversary AKA The Oregon Challenge

History of the Archery Match

February 1956: The President of the Robin Hood Festival Association of
Sherwood, Oregon issued a challenge to the yeomen of Nottingham, England.
The archers would come from the entire Northwestern part of the United States.
In order to cement their bond with the people of Nottingham, England,
Sherwood sent 50 redwood oak trees as a living memorial.
March 1956: England accepts the challenge and immediately starts working
out the details. The rounds they will shoot are a double American 810. Each
round will be 90 arrows at the distance of 60, 50 and 40 yards, and will follow the
F.I.T.A. equipment rules

Want to know more, then read the attached publication

2016-Sherwood-Booklet-FINAL-Rev oregon

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