Nottinghamshire Archery Society Senior Team selection proposal for 2016

The selection of the Nottinghamshire Senior Archery team has been the subject of much debate over the last few years.  We recently held a special meeting, specifically to discuss and promote county team performance in the future.  At this meeting, held on the 1st February, 20 archers representing 12 clubs were present 

One fact became apparent very early in the meeting; no matter what we try to achieve as a county we do not currently have sufficient archers at a good standard AND who are willing to shoot for their County.  This is clearly reflected in our recent results in annual county competitions.

Whatever we do as a county we are reliant upon clubs to produce able competition archers and, at present this does not happen often enough.  Clubs need to be willing to develop archers capable of shooting at a reasonably high standard AND with a desire to represent their county in competition.  It is only when this happens that the processes put in place to help select the ‘best of the best’ will come to the fore and help select the strongest teams possible to represent the county in competition.  We need clubs to actively promote and develop their archers in competition.

After acknowledging this difficult and undeniable fact we went on to discuss various options to change our current selection criteria.  As a result the following selection proposal has been identified as a possible way forward for this year (2016).

Five shoots will now be used for team selection, these being:-

  • Wilford Bowmen WA double 720
  • Welbeck Archers York/Hereford
  • Sherwood Archers WA1440
  • The Nott’s Champs York/Hereford
  • Welbeck Archers WA1440

Individuals wishing to shoot for the County ideally, must shoot at least one York/ Hereford and one WA1440 round, and for the first time we will also consider scores from a WA double 720 round; the inclusion of a 720 round will hopefully encourage new archers to get involved in County team competitions and we will be looking to arrange an inter-county team competition along the 720 format.

County team selection process

To be eligible to shoot for Nottinghamshire, archers must be affiliated to the Nottinghamshire Archery Society.

To shoot for Nottinghamshire at an EMAS inter-county shoot, archers must also be affiliated to EMAS as well.

Ranking points will be awarded to individuals dependant on the position gained in each qualifying shoot (above), with the highest position scoring 1 and the second highest position scoring 2 etc.

Only Nottinghamshire archers or those shooting with permission from their own County to qualify, will be taken into account when determining the finishing position of each qualifying archer.

Where a tie in ranking points occurs, the scores from the Nott’s County outdoor Championships will used as one of the factors to decide who makes the team.

Anyone wishing to qualify for the team who cannot attend the qualifying shoots due to clashes with National ranking shoots that occur on the same day as the our shoots, can with prior approval from the Chairman, submit a qualifying score sheet from the shoot attended and this will be considered by the selection committee in lieu of the qualifying shoot.

In addition to the ranking points criteria, a minimum score will be set for each discipline.

If an archer would gain team membership by rank but does not achieve the minimum score (see list below) then the selection committee (chair, vice chair and team captain) will consider other eligible archers for inclusion in the team, if available.

These archers will be those who are shooting competitively but have not shot some or any of the county qualifying shoots.  They will have achieved the minimum qualifying scores required.  They can only be considered for a place when it would otherwise be offered to an archer who has not made the minimum score.

The county team will be announced after the county championships.  The Nott’s team squad, from which the County team will be selected, will be made up of 30 archers with the lowest number of ranking points, and provided that the minimum qualifying score criteria have been met could include those individuals identified by the selection committee who qualify by virtue of their performance in competitions elsewhere.

The selection committee will choose the strongest team available from this talent pool for each shoot taking into account past and current performance. A place in one competition does not guarantee a place in the next.

Juniors wishing to shoot for the senior team must shoot appropriate adult rounds for their gender under the above criteria.

Their scores can be equated to their age equivalent for the junior team selection.

The junior squad will use their original selection process as in previous years.

  Recurve Compound BB Longbow
York/Hereford 835 1091 407 226
FITA 1000 1169 490 340
Double 720 816 1244 324 150



  Recurve Compound BB Long Bow
York/Hereford 805 1121 439 189
FITA 975 1215 641 365
Double 720 900 1244 600 240




These minimum scores will be reviewed each year and hopefully ratcheted up to reflect improvements in scores.

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