Burton Joyce Novice Breakfast Shoot – 24th July 2016

I am writing to you both as Chair of Burton Joyce Archers and as The County Development Co-ordinator.

As clubs in the county we are all very aware that there is a reluctance for novice or new archers to go to their first competition there are all sorts of reasons given so here at Burton Joyce we are putting on a shoot to introduce archers to their first competition and to give those a little more experienced, but have yet got their first class badge, the chance to compete with other archers of a similar standard.

  • ·         It is a breakfast shoot so that those attending will not have to spend all day shooting.
  • ·         For those new to shooting we will explain and help with, what to do on the line and with scoring
  • ·         We will ensure it is a relaxed atmosphere no formal judges just senior archers from B.J.
  • ·         There are 2 prizes offered by both CBA and KG Archery of a one-hour free coaching session. These 2 prizes will be awarded by a draw of those shooting on the day
  • ·         There will be medals awarded for all classes of archers
  • ·         Bring a club gazebo with you there is plenty of room

I really hope that as a club you will support this venture it is being put on in an attempt to help all clubs satisfy the aspirations of your new or novice archers. Both archery shops in the county are supporting the shoot and have highlighted the need for such a shoot from comments from their customers.

As a club I would be very grateful if you are able to support this new venture by promoting it to your novice archers. Although entry is on an individual basis I am sure it would help your archers if you were able to help them organise a joint entry and let them know what they need to bring with them on the day.

A similar letter has been sent to all coaches in the county.

As both a member of Burton Joyce and as County Development Co-ordinator I would be very grateful if you would give me feedback as soon as you are able on what you think of the idea and whether you club will support it together with any cons ernes you may have which we may be able to resolve before the shoot.




Mike Spare

Chair Burton Joyce Archers

County Development Co-ordinator

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