Notts League/Oregon Challenge Shoots 2016

As in previous years we are running the League and Oregon Challenge shoots together again this year. Below are details for this year. We have continued with the same format as we used last year. If you have another member of your club who co-ordinates these shoots please pass this information to them.

Entries will be made by club secretaries on behalf of the club.  No individual Entries will be accepted


The League shoots this year will take place on 1st May with Bramcote Archers as host club, 12th June with Sherwood Archers as host club and 14th August with Wilford Bowmen as host club, with the two highest scores from the three shoots being used for the individual medal places. For teams the two highest placings count for the team awards. The adult recurve teams will consist of the 3 highest scoring archers from each club, for all other teams the 2 highest scoring archers will count. The awards ceremony will take place after the third shoot.

Awards this year will be:

Pure Score and Handicap for individuals – Recurve, Compound, Longbow and Barebow for Seniors and Pure Score for individuals for Juniors

Club Team Awards for Pure Score and Handicap in all disciplines for Seniors. Pure score in all disciplines for Juniors.

Pure Score awards for Novice individuals both Junior and Senior shooting their appropriate age related round

NB Individual awards are limited to one class only.

Sighters for each of these events will be 10.30 a.m.

Entry fees will be £4.50 for seniors and £3.50 for juniors. Juniors who wish to be considered for the senior awards are required to pay senior entry fees. Entry fees are to be collected by the club secretary/league co-ordinator and paid to the tournament organiser on the day please. Also please note that all archers entered must be paid for regardless as to whether or not they shoot. Tournament organisers please can you note that the income/expenditure process will operate as per last year when all income is paid to the county and the clubs expenses reimbursed, with any profit made from the three shoots overall will be shared between the county and the clubs.

We are continuing with the same format again this year, so the rounds will be as follows:

Seniors:                        American         – 2 ½ dozen shot at each distance of 60/50/40 yards

Juniors under 18 years: American         – 2 ½ dozen shot at each distance of 60/50/40 yards

Juniors under 16 years: Notts League 1 – 2 ½ dozen shot at each distance of 50/40/30 yards

Juniors under 14 years: Notts League 2 – 2 ½ dozen shot at each distance of 40/30/20 yards

Juniors under 12 years: Notts League 3 – 2 ½ dozen shot at each distance of 30/20/10 yards

Juniors under 10 years: Notts League 4 – 2 ½ dozen shot at each distance of 20/15/10 yards

The scoring for all rounds will be 10 zone.

The Novice class will be open to all archers in their first outdoor shooting season, and this must be endorsed by their club secretary in the same way as the declared handicaps. Novices have the option to shoot one distance shorter than the round for their age (with the exception of the under 10 age group) should they feel that they are unable to reach their age related longest distance. If novices opt to shoot a shorter round they will not be eligible for the awards.

Juniors should shoot the same round throughout the competition, this being governed by their age on the date of the first shoot. If you have older juniors shooting recurve who are able to shoot the American round but have not reached the age please encourage them to shoot it in order that we can field a full junior team for the Oregon Challenge, as we have been unable to do this for the last few years. They are still able to pay the junior fee and be considered for the League junior awards.

Entries via your club secretary/league co-ordinator to be notified to Sharon Dicks (Telephone: 0115 9638646 or email ) for Bramcote Archers venue, Susan Stankovic (Telephone: 01636 814494 or email: ) for Sherwood Archers venue and Gary Meakin (Telephone: 01159 745717) Wilford Bowmen on the MONDAY PRIOR TO THE SHOOTS.  Please use the entry form attached and email to the tournament organiser wherever possible. Our thanks in advance for your help with this.



The Oregon Challenge is primarily a postal team shoot between the Archers of Nottinghamshire and the Archers of Sherwood in Oregon. In order to qualify for the Master team you need to be 50 years of age or above as at the 1st May 2016, the senior team will take preference over the Masters and archers will only be eligible for awards in one team.

It consists of the following teams:

Recurve           – 8 archers

Compound       – 8 archers

Longbow         – 4 archers

Juniors             – 4 archers


Recurve           – 4 archers

Compound       – 4 archers

Longbow         – 4 archers

In order to be eligible for any of the team places archers must shoot the American round at the first two league shoot dates (this includes the juniors even if they are shooting out of their age class. They may pay the junior entry fee and can still be considered for the League junior awards).

Entry for this will be automatic on entry to the League shoots

There is no additional entry fee payable for this part of the shoot.

There are individual trophies and medals for this shoot and these will be presented along with the Oregon Team medals at the end of the second league shoot at Sherwood Archers ground.

Please try and encourage your archers to shoot, including your juniors and novices, so that we can make these shoots as successful as last year. I look forward to seeing you on the 1st May.

Best wishes


Chris Joyce




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