64th Golden Arrow

This weekend saw Sherwood Archers host the 64th Golden Arrow on Saturday and the 2nd of the league / Oregon challenge shoots on Sunday. The county would like to thank Sherwood Archers for all their help and assistance over the weekend making the events a success, in particular, we would like to thank Sue Stankovic the hard working tournament organiser

The results for the Golden Arrow are now live on the tournaments page but the results for the Oregon Challenge (league shoots 1&2) are sealed until the archers on Oregon have shot their rounds. Once we can publish them we will put a note on the home page of the web

The venue for the 3rd League shoot on 12th August hosted by Wilford Bowmen has not yet been finalised. It may be at Sherwood Archers ground or at Wilford Bowmen’s new ground in Nottingham. This will be confirmed closer to the shoot

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