Coach Development Grant

As you all will be aware by now AGB have been successful in obtaining a £100,000 grant from Sport England to develop archery in Nottinghamshire. As part of that funding Nottinghamshire Archery Society been given £6,000 to reduce the number of archers leaving our clubs each year.

So how can your club benefit?

A survey conducted last year by AGB which was partially based on Nottinghamshire found that one third of our club members leave every year and about half of those have been in the sport for less than 2 years. The survey of all Members who have recently left clubs 26% gave the reason as lack of progress.

The lack of coaching at club level during the first two years after joining a club is a proven significant factor in why a significant number of our members leave the sport each year.

Looking at Nottinghamshire over the past 3 years the County has through subsidised level 1 coaching courses raised the number of level 1 coaches in the County significantly however the number of active level 2 coaches who should deliver this training is not sufficient and at some clubs non-existent.

What can we do?

We have been given £6,000 from AGB to be spent over 2 years and have a grant from EMAS of £900 to be spent this year.

As a condition of the grant we have to run a Level 2 coaching course which will be subsidised for Nottinghamshire Level 1 coaches. The course will be reduced from £450 to £99 per person. A further reduction to £50 will be available in some districts of the County.

It is recognised that some level 1 coaches will not want to take the level 2 course at the moment it is therefore proposed to run a series of mentoring sessions where level 1 coaches can gain experience from more senior coaches to enable them to progress those archers new to your club.

We would also like to get a forum going where clubs and coaches can exchange ideas on the best way to coach new archers at their club to ensure they make progress and do not become frustrated.

What can your club do?

Take part; this offer is made to all open clubs affiliated to Nottinghamshire Archery Society.

If the answer is yes to any of the questions below contact me straight away don’t wait until your next committee.

  • Do you want to improve the standard of coaching at your club for your new archers?
  • Do any of your level 1 coaches want to take a level 2 course?
  • Do any of your coaches want to take part in mentoring sessions with a more experienced coach to enable them to coach new members more effectively?
  • Would any of your members like to join an active working party to input how we organise the mentoring sessions we have about £1,500 a year to spend?

Just as a cautionary note we must comply with the grant allocation rules the money has to be spent at events organised by Nottinghamshire Archery Society, and can only be used to ensure that new archers receive coaching at their clubs in order to reduce the annual dropout rate.

Mike Spare

County Development Co-ordinator

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