Wollaton Hall Have a Go 29th/30th August ~ Coaches & Helpers wanted

This is an event organised by our County Society.

I am desperate for volunteers for the have a go at the National Series finals on 29th and 30th August. I split the day into 2 so there are 4 sessions. As well as giving a lot of people a chance to try archery at £2.00 for 6 arrows it is a great chance to make money for your club.

You do not need to be a coach, Senior archers with some experience can help on the line those less experienced can help take money, sort out bows and fix arm guards.

The cash is split up 10% county funds the rest split on a time basis to the clubs of those helping.


If you are able to help please contact me as soon as possible at Michaelspare@aol.com



Mike Spare

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