Record Claims

A reminder to everyone that you should not submit your claim without a results sheet/copy score sheet as claims will not be processed without this information.

Junior Claims
Please ensure that the Junior’s date of birth and age group they are claiming is marked on the claim form along with full details of the round they are claiming. E.g. simply stating “Western junior round” is not acceptable, they would either be claiming a Short Junior Western of Junior Western depending on their age group.

Clout Claims
Can I please ask all archers claiming Clout records to correctly complete the Claim Form by stating the round they are shooting; i.e. GNAS Clout 1 way single / FITA Clout 1 Way single etc. and include the distance they shot, this is to assist in speeding up your claim. Unfortunately not all results sheets provide the relevant information and I’m afraid I do not have time to go chasing round to find out the information.
In future if any claim form is not completed with the relevant information it be will be returned with a request for it to be completed correctly.
Sue Haynes
Nottinghamshire Archery Society & EMAS Records Officer

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