Sherwood Archers ‘Help For Heroes’ Charity Shoot on 8th June 2015

artin Mycock from the Bowmen of Lyme archery club in Cheshire has arranged a countrywide charity tour of 16 archery clubs to raise money for the ‘Help for Heroes’ charity. Sherwood Archers have been approached and asked if we would like to participate in this fundraising tour. We have of course said yes. We have agreed to host a lighthearted tournament to be held on the evening of 8th June 2015. Sighters will be at 7pm. The fundraising evening will take the form of a ‘frostbite’ shoot of 3 dozen arrows at 30 metres. This will allow all standards of archers, including novices and beginners to participate. The competition will be open to Seniors (18 and over) and to Juniors (17 and under). To add a little bit of spice and competition to the evening we have decided that before the shoot begins everyone will predict what score they hope to achieve and the winner will be the closest to that score (either higher or lower). A tiebreak may be required to determine the winner. Recurve, compound, longbow and barebow are all considered equal and will compete against each other. A suggested donation of £5 per person will be requested for entry to the shoot.

This is an invite to any archer from the Nottinghamshire Archery community to come along for an evenings shoot to raise funds for ‘Help the Heroes’. GNAS membership cards must be shown.

Martin has also created a ‘Just Giving’ charity site to assist in the fundraising. If you are unable to shoot on the evening but would like to make a donation then please CTRL + click on the following link ArcheryForHeroes1651276642 which shows more information about the shoot Martin is undertaking.

It would be wonderful if as many archers as possible could attend this charity shoot. If you intend to do so then can you please drop me a quick email so I am aware of how many bosses to put out. Contact David Salmon on

I look forward to seeing you on the evening.



David Salmon (Sherwood Archers)

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