Nottinghamshire Archery Society Senior Team selection 2015

The selection of the Nottinghamshire Senior Archery team will be the same as last year.

Four qualifying shoots will  be used for selection, these being:-

  1. Wilford Bowmen WA1440 – 17th May 2015
  2. Welbeck Archers York/Hereford – 24th May 2015
  3. Sherwood Archers WA1440 – 7th June 2015
  4. The Notts Champs York/Hereford – 12th July 2015

Individuals wishing to shoot for the County must shoot at least two of the above shoots and must either be affiliated through a Nottingham Club or have permission from their respective County to be allowed to shoot for Nottinghamshire.

Ranking points will be awarded to individuals dependant on the position gained in each shoot, with the highest position scoring 1 and the second highest position scoring 2 etc.

Only Nottinghamshire archers or those shooting with permission from their own County to qualify, will be taken into account when determining the finishing position of each qualifying archer.

The team will be made up of archers with the lowest number of ranking points.

In addition to the ranking points criteria, a minimum score will be set for each discipline.

The minimum score criteria will only be used where it is decided that a worthy addition to the team can be made by the selection committee (Nott’s Chairman, Vice Chairman and Team manager).

In the event of two archers achieving the same ranking point score after shooting the Nott’s qualifying shoots, the Nottinghamshire County Championships scores will be used as the deciding factor in detirmining team selection.
The higher scoring archer at the County Championships from any drawn ranking, will be given preference as a result of this rule.

The worthy person can be anyone who is eligible to shoot for Nottinghamshire, but may not have shot the qualifying shoots.

The worthy person must be able to demonstrate their shooting ability through attaining the minimum score and have a record of high achievement at York’s Hereford’s and FITA’s.

Worthy replacements can only be made to the team where a potential qualifying archer has not attained the minimum score set.

Worthy additions will be announced along with the rest of the team at the Notts Champs, but the committee reserve the right to use worthy additions in circumstances where selected team members are unavailable.

Anyone wishing to qualify for the team who cannot attend two out of the four shoots due to clashes with National ranking shoots that occur on the same day as the qualifying shoots, can with prior approval from the Chairman, submit a qualifying score sheet from the shoot attended and this will be considered by the selection committee in lieu of the qualifying shoot.

Juniors wishing to shoot for the senior team must shoot appropriate rounds for their gender under the above criteria.

Their scores can be equated to their age equivalent for the Junior team selection.

The Junior squad will use the same selection process as the seniors, but will not be subject to the minimum scores detailed below

Minimum Scores


Recurve Compound Longbow
Hereford 800 1055 208
FITA 891 1135 285


Recurve Compound Longbow
York 800 1061 187
FITA 970 1183 362



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