2015 Junior County Target Team Selection Process

The selection of the Nottinghamshire Junior Archery team will be the same as last year.

Four qualifying shoots will  be used for selection, these being:-

  1. Wilford Bowmen Fita & Metrics
  2. Welbeck Archers York/Hereford & Bristol’s
  3. Sherwood Archers Fita & Metrics
  4. The Notts Champs York/Hereford & Bristol’s

Individuals wishing to shoot for the County must shoot at least two of the above shoots and must either be affiliated through a Nottingham Club or have permission from their respective County to be allowed to shoot for Nottinghamshire.

Ranking points will be awarded to individuals dependent on the position gained in each shoot, with the highest position scoring 1 and the second highest position scoring 2 etc.

Only Nottinghamshire archers or those shooting with permission from their own County to qualify, will be taken into account when determining the finishing position of each qualifying archer.

The team will be made up of archers with the lowest number of ranking points.

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