Danielle Brown MBE – on Performing Under Pressure workshop

Recently I attended a workshop day in Spalding with Danielle Brown MBE – on Performing Under Pressure – Sports Psychology.
It is aimed at archers, but coaches benefit as well. Sue and I enjoyed the session, learnt a lot and got to hold 2 Olympic Gold Medals (London and Beijing)

I think that all  archers would benefit from what she goes through, it will give you a good “tool kit” to help you with what goes on in your mind when you are shooting.

I have used some of the principles the other week when I shot at Sherwood’s Western and put 10 points on my PB (having put 16 points on it 2 weeks before) but the weather was not very good – so it worked for me.

Anyway, the sessions are around £30 per person

Barry Molsom (head coach in Lincolnshire) is looking to see how much interest ther will be for running another course –  hopefully be Feb/march ish.

I would suggest that if you are interested (take this as a prod from me for your development), then let Barry know ASP – jb.molsom@tiscali.co.uk

More info on the session http://www.nottsarchery.co.uk/?p=1618

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