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Double Paralympic gold medallist, three times World Champion and multiple world record holder Danielle Brown is offering sport psychology sessions to help others succeed in sport. When striving to discover exactly what separates the best in the world from everybody else, Danielle was always drawn back to the psychological elements of sport. She has now turned to coaching and aims to make sport psychology accessible at grassroots level and beyond, helping athlete’s progress to the next level.

For athletes:

The workshop Performing Under Pressure has the sole purpose of enhancing performance in competitive sport. It is designed for athletes by an athlete, supplying them with the strategies and information they need to succeed.

A crash course in sport psychology, Danielle helps you to build a toolbox of strategies to help you train smarter and create that winning mindset. It is a very interactive session where Danielle explains how and why our bodies react to pressure, explaining the effects this has on our performance in competition. The group then explores the long term and short term strategies used to enhance performance, allowing everybody to try them out as we go through. By training your mind you reduce the risk of underperforming when it really matters. The workshop would be useful for anybody who is committed to improving their sport and can help with the following:

• If your performance in practice is better than in competition.

• Increasing your confidence and self-belief.

• Teaching you how to thrive under pressure.

• Achieving your goals.

• Increasing your consistency in performance.

• Peaking – gearing your schedule up for performance.

Each participant will be given an instructive workbook to act as an ongoing guide, helping them both within and beyond the workshop. Coaches will also find the session valuable, helping their athletes to build these established strategies into their training programme which will ultimately enhance their performance.

Date:      Saturday 18th October 2014 Commencing 10.00am prompt

Venue: Spalding Grammar School, Priory Road, Spalding, Lincs, PE11 2XH

Cost:     £30 per person. Due to the interactive nature of the workshop it will be restricted to 20 archers/coaches decided on the first 20 applicants to register by email to jb.molsom@hotmail.com, however if there is enough interest in a further course I would be happy to arrange a further event

Cheques made payable to LCAS and sent to B Molsom Mon-Vere Station Road, Hubberts Bridge, Boston, Lincs, PE20 3QT..


danielle brown MBE

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