Bekky breaks 6 National Records and Sets a New one at Lincoln Archers FITA

Congratulations to 9 year old Bekky Lowe of Burton Joyce Fletchling Archers who broke 6 national barebow records and set a new national record over the weekend whilst shooting at the EMAS FITA Star hosted by Lincoln Archers.  She also was able to claim her Red and Purple English Crosses, a very good weekend for an up and coming young archer


Sat 25th June 2011

Metric V                  952    National Record

15m                        239    National Distance Record


Sun 26th June 2011

Metric V                 1018   National Record

Double Metric V      1970  National Record

20m                        253    National Distance Record

15m                        249    National Distance Record

10m                        299    National Distance Record

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