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View from the Chair


Hi every one,

I was part of a meeting of senior coaches who were involved last year to see how we can improve on last year’s successful sessions. We are full of ideas but need to know quite quickly how many of you wish to attend and what level you are at in order to put these ideas into practice. We need this information urgently so that we can book the appropriate accommodation and plan the sessions.

For those seniors in the improvers section (those who have just started to shoot 60yds men or 50yds ladies or wish to be shooting that distance soon and want to improve) we intend to allocate you an experienced coach who will be with you for the entire course. As well as improving your technique they will check your equipment and ensure you know how to tune it. We will be setting goals for you and helping you achieve them.

For those of you who are more experienced we will be allocating you a more experienced coach, to work with you. You will have the opportunity to use slow motion video to help you analyse and understand more fully your individual technique.

It is hoped that Simon Scott will be at the sessions for the compound archers.

This year Lesley Grey will be involved in the sessions as the Junior Team Representative and Manager. If enough juniors show an interest we may be able have a separate junior section for all the juniors together. They will have their own coaches, where as well as shooting, we will be having shorter individual sessions with team building games, shooting games, team head to heads etc. Although not a coach Lesley has been a Master Bowman Recurve, and a Grand Master Bowman Compound being ranked no 2 in the Country at one time. She is well worth listening to!

I am really looking forward to this year and hope to see you at the sessions. I can assure you that as coaches we all wish to deliver a top draw well planned course; at £30:00 the sessions are exceptional value for money (all the coaches give their time freely for your benefit).

I need your support.  Please get together in groups at your club and come as a group, or as an individual, I can assure you, you will be made welcome and make new friends during the sessions.

Please let Mario know if you are interested in coming. It is important you do that now in order we can make the final arrangements and do all we want to. No money is involved at this stage.

E mail Mario at homeandgardens@yahoo.com and say that you would like to come, even better one of you send a group of names to him.

Please reply within the next 2 weeks to ensure we can arrange the best course possible.

 Mike Spare


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