Level 1 Coaching Course at NTU finishes

This weekend saw the end of the Level 1 coaching course being run at Nottingham Trent University, and the county now has 11 more Level 1 Coaches. 

Congratulations to

Katherine Barnicot            Bingham LCAC

Barry Leggett                     Burton Joyce Archers

Anne Spare                        Burton Joyce Archers

Chris Joyce                        Burton Joyce Archers

Helen Lowe and Avon       Burton Joyce Archers

Cristopher Clutterbuck      Nottingham Trent University

Thomas Heatherington     Nottingham Trent University

Samuel Stevenson            Nottingham Trent University

Jonathan Partridge            Nottingham Trent University

Lucile Sulivan                     Nottingham Trent University

Sam Gibbs                         Nottingham Trent University

 Mario will be running a new Level 1 coaching course starting in February/March 2012.  Any once interested, please contact Mario ASP, the course will be closed to Nottingahamshire Archers until December 2011, when it will be opened up to anyone outside the county.

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